Aligning the European Recovery Plan and the European Semester with the SDGs

Wednesday, 18 November, 2020

The European Council and the European Commission have recognized the dramatic consequences of the pandemic. To address them, they have agreed on a Recovery Plan leading the way out of the crisis and laying foundations for a modern and more sustainable Europe. However, this effort will only be effective in the medium and long term if it promotes a transformation aligned with the with 2030 Agenda for sustainable development with its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) agreed by all EU and world Leaders in 2015 at the United Nations. This is underlined in the new Annual Sustainable Growth Strategy for 2021. Still, the guidelines for countries to prepare their Recovery and Resilience Plans have yet to explicitly operationalize the SDGs as a key benchmark and link to the reformed European Semester. In that sense, the Sustainable Development community can be instrumental in providing knowledge and evidence as well as rigorous long-term pathways to policy makers and also helping raise awareness of the need for such transformation.

At this SDSN event, held on 22 October 2020, high-profile speakers from the European Commission and leading European think tanks exchanged with SDSN’s thought leaders. Summary of the event:

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