Urban informal economy

Understanding the informal economy is critical if one wants to better understand the political, economic and social ecosystem around rural and urban interlinkages.

City digital transformation

The availability of more and faster internet connections, satellite data and imagery, advances in machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI), blockchain, cryptocurrency, virtual reality, and the Internet of Things are transforming our cities at every level.

Urban climate action & energy

Cities produce three-quarters of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions and consume over two-thirds of the energy supply. Globally, 70% of cities are already dealing with effects of climate change, and nearly all are at risk of natural disasters.

City resilience

City governance

Rapidly growing cities in developing countries are struggling to provide the infrastructure, services and governance systems needed by their increasing populations as they deal with competing priorities and demands.

Local economic development

Cities actively promote local economic development by creating employment opportunities that build on the comparative advantages and unique qualities of their localities. 

Municipal financing for development

The role of municipal finance in financing sustainable development is high. Many of the investments needed to achieve the 2030 Agenda are made at the subnational level, especially by cities.