Throughout history, cities have been hubs of innovation in technology, commerce, social organization and ideas. The concentration of people, resources and ideas allows innovation to occur at tremendous speed, generating economic activity and wealth at unprecedented rates. Cities also provide opportunities for social mobility that are unavailable in traditional rural environments. Throughout the world, migrants with ideas, entrepreneurial spirit and energy have been drawn to cities to achieve their dreams.

UNDP and partners willl identify innovative solutions based on the unique challenges and specific opportunities of individual cities. UNDP will help cities adopt innovative approaches and partnerships across sectors (e.g., youth, social enterprises, institutional investors, etc.), particularly as governments increasingly explore ‘smart city’ approaches to address urbanization challenges through use of new technologies.

City leaders have often made it clear that other city leaders facing similar development challenges provide the advice and guidance that they find most effective. UNDP has a long track record of helping build partnerships and fostering collaboration, particularly through South-South Cooperation (SSC). Going beyond the remit of study tours and general exchanges and dialogues, UNDP will help cities set clear goals and expectation of SSC initiative by engaging with end-users and beneficiaries and adapting products and services to suit the needs of recipient country’s context. UNDP will also capitalize on the decentralized cooperation, an innovative modality that has promoted horizontal partnerships and technical cooperation among governments and actors from development and partner countries, facilitating exchange of views and experiences between local and regional governments and promoting SSC.
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