The Belt and Road Cities’ Connectivity Index

Friday, 28 January, 2022

The Belt and Road Cities’ Connectivity Index: Insight Report

by World Economic Forum in collaboration with Kearney and the China Center for Urban Development | November 2021

The Belt and Road Initiative is the most ambitious template for inter-regional trade and development ever. If its future expansion is built on the pillars of sustainability, inclusiveness, and resilience, it could potentially become the greatest contributor to economic and social development ever.

To strengthen globalization, intra- and inter-regional cooperation are the priority. Cities are the main location for modern economic and social activities, and the intercity connection is an important driver in jointly building connectivity among BRI cities.

This report will seek answers to the key questions concerning connectivity among cities, such as: How to assess the flow of key factors and the level of connectivity between BRI cities? What can be done to improve intercity connectivity?

This report aims to help BRI cities evaluate their strengths and weaknesses, adopt targeted measures to increase intercity connectivity, and deepen cooperation among BRI cities to build a community with a shared future for mankind.

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