Launch of Flip the Script Action Campaign


The UN SDG Action Campaign has launched #FlipTheScript, which calls for a journey of advocacy and action to rethinking, recalibrating and reimagining our societies and economies to ensure a just, green, and equitable recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and achieve the SDGs, focusing on local action and behavioural change at all levels to transform and implement the changes that we want to see.

Flip the Script Campaign is an open-source campaign that aims to highlight different approaches and actions for a healthy, green and just future. It calls on everyone to keep challenging what they think, to keep pushing what they believe and what they can do. To seize the opportunities and solutions that exist and invest in them to solve our global challenges.

Everyone has the power in their hands to reimagine the world, catalyze positive change and achieve the SDGs through recommitments, rethinking, and changing prevailing narratives.

The campaign offers an entry point for all people, whether you take individual action or work to scale it up, whether you are an organization or a government representative. We provide the tools to tell the SDG story, to inspire, mobilize and connect others to take action.

Use the campaign's dynamic SOCIAL MEDIA ASSETSCAMPAIGN VIDEO, and key messages on your website or talking points, and use the campaign's open-source files to create your own targeted messages that are relevant in your community. You can start a school project, challenge your friends, or create a YouTube video. Tag @SDGaction and use the hashtag #FlipTheScript!

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