On the Road to Glasgow - Canadian cities at COP26

Friday, 25 June, 2021

On the Road to Glasgow - Canadian cities at COP26

by Simon Fraser University Morris J.Wosk Centre for Dialogue​ | June 2021

Canadian cities have played an important role in helping to shape the narratives for local action in past global gatherings. Cities on the Road to Glasgow brought an impressive community of practitioners, elected leaders, key civil servants and activists together to chart the path forward for cities in the fight against climate change. The document is the result of the meeting of "Team Canada" in May 2021, organized by Simon Fraser University, to prepare for the presence of Canada at COP 26.

To support Canadian cities in preparing for COP 26, the SFU Morris J.Wosk Centre for dialogue commits to amplifying the voice and profile of cities as key actors in achieving net-zero and working with partners to advance the action steps emerging from our dialogue. Through the Centre’s Climate Engagement Team, we will also be working with global engagement leaders across the world to ensure citizens are not left behind in shaping our climate future.

This report addresses three themes:

1. The role of cities in Canada´s Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs)

2. The Race to Zero Campaign

3. The role of Canadian cities in the Convening of Mayors at COP26

Each of the above themes highlight key insights and recommendations for action. They also contain also important messages for cities, leading up to and following COP26, that have been summarized in the Key Takeaway session.

Download the attached PDF to access the full report