Sustainable Infrastructure Webinar Series: Putting Principles into Practice

Wednesday, 14 July, 2021 - 08:00 to 09:15
Eastern Standard Time (EST)
Friday, 2 July, 2021

Sustainable Infrastructure Webinar Series: Putting Principles into Practice

Next Session Date/ Time: July 14 @ 8a ET/ 12 p GMT/ 2p CET/ 7p Bangkok Time Zone.

Length: 75 minutes


You are invited to join the latest interactive webinar in the Sustainable Infrastructure: Putting Principles into Practice series, hosted by the Sustainable Infrastructure Community of Learners, on Wednesday, July 14. The webinar will focus on Principle #2 from UNEP’s International Good Practice Principles for Sustainable Infrastructure: Responsible, Resilient, and Flexible Planning.

The session will first provide an introduction to Principle #2, followed by a technical presentation on systems-based tools developed by UNOPS that help infrastructure planners prioritize infrastructure projects and systems that are responsible, resilient, and flexible from the outset. The remainder of the session will include the exploration of a relevant case study, including interactive activities that will allow exchange between the presenters and participants regarding sustainability challenges and solutions related to real-world infrastructure projects.

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About the Series

Sustainable Infrastructure: Putting Principles into Practice launched in May 2021, with more than 200 engineers, architects, scientists, economists, students, and others from over 40 countries joining. Subsequent webinars in the series, held on the second Wednesday of every month, will focus on each of the remaining 10 Good Practice Principles. You can view recordings of past sessions here. We hope you will join us each month as we build a global community of learners and exchange knowledge and experiences pertaining to the development of sustainable infrastructure.

SI-CoL Partner Hosts

  • Sustainable Infrastructure Partnership
  • Duke University Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions
  • The Green Gray Community of Practice
  • UN Environment Programme
  • Conservation International
  • Project ECHO

About the Sustainable Infrastructure Community of Learners

The Sustainable Infrastructure Community of Learners (SI-CoL) is a network of individuals and organizations with expertise and dedication to capacity development for sustainable infrastructure. SI-CoL members have a wide range of proficiencies, including infrastructure planning at the project and systems level, sustainable finance, sustainable procurement, environmental and social assessments, inclusive infrastructure development, sustainable transportation, energy access, water management, nature-based solutions, and climate adaptation. SI-CoL works in close collaboration with UNEP’s Sustainable Infrastructure Partnership. This concept note describes the motivation and aims of SI-CoL.