Training Program on Municipal Enterprises for Local Authorities (MELA)

Tuesday, 8 December, 2020 - 01:15
Tuesday, 8 December, 2020

The UNDP Urban Strategy highlights sustainable urbanization as setting the right policies to ensure that no one is left behind, every person enjoys the benefits of urban growth and has access to infrastructure and social services. This strategy focuses on the needs of the urban poor and other vulnerable groups for safe environments, housing, decent work and education Local governments and municipalities are crucial institutions for the urbanization process.  They can benefit from engaging the private sector to develop capacities in procurement, contract management, professional and often unionized labor management and finance and operating budgets to provide better services .The collaboration of the actors both public and private sector, can help tackling with urbanization challenges to provide inclusion in cities This engagement can take place in a wide variety of ways and operate at different levels. The business models to engage the private sector can be Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs), State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) at the national level and Municipal Enterprises (MEs) at the local level. IICPSD’s MELA Training Program, structured as a rigorous technical modular seminar, aims to help Local Authorities to encourage and support the development of municipal enterprises to create and leverage the capacity while creating an ecosystem for attracting other private sector to provide sustainability, resilience and inclusion in basic municipal service delivery. The training program is tailor made for the hosting country with fundamental training modules for inclusive urbanization. MELA was first launched online in Turkey and then after conducted in Palestine , and will continue to be implemented in different geographic settings. Training is followed up with evaluation surveys and further cooperation with participants and partnering organizations.

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