Transit-Oriented Development Implementation Resources and Tools, 2nd Edition

Monday, 4 January, 2021

Transit-Oriented Development Implementation Resources and Tools, 2nd Edition

by Global Platform for Sustainable Cities (GPSC) | Published on 9 December 2020

Authors: Gerald Ollivier | Ashish Ghate | Kaira Bankim | Prerna Mehta

This toolkit provides a compendium of resources for Transit-Oriented Development stakeholders to navigate each phase of the TOD process: Assessing, Enabling, Planning and Design, Financing, and Implementing. It includes how-to guides, analytical tools, communication tools, resources, case studies and template terms of reference for each phase.

The latest addition fully embeds road safety consideration at all steps of the process. Transit-oriented development, commonly known as TOD, is a planning and design strategy that focuses on creating urban development patterns that facilitate the use of public transit, walking and cycling, as primary modes of transport and which supports vibrant, diverse, and livable communities. This is achieved by concentrating urban densities, communities and activities within a 5-10 minute walking distance from mass rapid transit stations (both bus and rail-based), developing quality urban space and providing convenient and efficient access to a diverse mix of land uses.

TOD brings together elements of land use and transport planning, urban design, urban regeneration, real estate development, financing, land value capture, and infrastructure implementation to achieve more sustainable urban development. Since TOD implementation can be complex, it is essential that cities understand the dynamics at play related to all city systems- real estate economics, transit routing, infrastructure design, land use planning and zoning, the development of the local economy through urban regeneration, and urban design- to achieve the concept’s full potential.

TOD, as a tool, enables city actors to negotiate through varying urban priorities to ultimately prioritize inclusion and resilience in an optimized environment. The World Bank considers these priorities as the bedrock of successful TODs.

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