Transitioning Economies, Transforming Climate: Financing Climate Action

Monday, 9 May, 2022

Transitioning Economies, Transforming Climate: Financing Climate Action for a Green and Inclusive Future

World Bank - IMF Spring Meetings 2022 | This event occurred on 21 April 2022


The connection between development and climate change is increasingly clear: delivering on these together will require large-scale low-carbon and resilient investments. It will also require approaches that tackle the political economy of the low-carbon transition and help communities build long-lasting resilience to climate change. What are the investments needed to achieve a green, resilient and sustainable future? How can we unlock private finance for climate action? How are countries stepping up to the challenge?

This event considers the actions that are needed to create enabling environments, leverage different pools of capital at the right time, for specific needs, while involving communities and bringing them along in the global low-carbon, resilient transition. More information: 


  • David R. Malpass, President of the World Bank Group
  • Sri Mulyani Indrawati, Minister of Finance, Indonesia
  • Makhtar Diop, Managing Director, IFC
  • Rania Al-Mashat, Minister of International Cooperation, Arab Republic of Egypt
  • Rhian-Mari Thomas, Chief Executive, Green Finance Institute
  • Yves Perrier, Chairman of the Board, Amundi
  • Mari Pangestu, Managing Director, Development Policy and Partnerships, World Bank
  • Nicholas Stern, IG Patel Professor of Economics and Government, London School of Economics
  • Auguste Kouamé, Country Director for the Republic of Turkey, World Bank
  • Hania Dawood, Manager, Climate Business Development and Strategy, IFC


  • 00:00 Welcome! WBG Spring Meetings 2022 | Financing Climate Action
  • 03:09 Climate action, climate change, global public goods
  • 21:32 How climate finance works?
  • 25:14 Private capital in supporting climate action
  • 51:00 How to make climate finance tangible and action-oriented
  • 1:03:32 Social media conversation and poll results
  • 1:06:42 Live Q&A: How we can finance effective climate action
  • 1:19:59 COP27: What young people are looking to change on climate action
  • 1:22:58 Closure | Thanks for watching the WBG Spring Meetings 2022

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