The Development Impact of the War in Ukraine: Initial projections

Wednesday, 30 March, 2022

The Development Impact of the War in Ukraine: Initial projections

by UNDP | Originally posted on 16 March 2022

This report presents UNDP’s early projections on development setbacks in Ukraine, which indicate a drastic rise in poverty and inequality, with millions losing their livelihoods, being displaced, and in dire need of humanitarian assistance, along with damage to Ukraine’s overall social fabric, environment, infrastructure, buildings, roads, bridges, hospitals, schools, and other critical services.​

The immediate humanitarian assistance to the people of Ukraine is of utmost importance and at the center of global attention. Early estimates by the Humanitarian Country Team indicate that nearly 30 percent of the population are likely to require life-saving humanitarian assistance. In its current scale and direction, 18 million people are projected to become affected and more than 7 million people internally displaced.

The development impacts of the war in Ukraine remain too much below the waterline of public visibility, in Ukraine, regionally and globally. Early UNDP projections suggest that already in the short- to medium term, the development setbacks for Ukraine will be significant. Poverty and inequalities will rise; the country’s economy, its social fabric, and the environment will suffer.

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