International Day for the Eradication of Poverty: Making Jobs Work for People and the Planet

Tuesday, 17 October, 2023 - 08:30 to 09:45
Eastern Standard Time (EST)
Tuesday, 17 October, 2023

International Day for the Eradication of Poverty: Making Jobs Work for People and the Planet 

Virtual Webinar on Tuesday, 17 October 2023

7:30-8:45 AM Panama | 8:30-9:45 AM New York | 3:30-4:45 PM Addis Ababa/Amman/Istanbul | 7:30-8:45 PM Bangkok | Register here


To mark the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, join us as we delve into a pivotal conversation on the role of quality jobs in poverty alleviation. This UNDP-led event brings together a dynamic mix of thought leaders from the development world, influential voices from civil society, innovators from the private sector, and scholars from academia to explore how quality jobs can be a catalyst for inclusive growth, especially in an era of multiple transitions and overlapping global crises. Our collective aim is to identify actionable strategies that ensure these transitions are just and inclusive, leaving no one behind. The insights gathered will inform policies and partnerships essential for creating sustainable and quality job opportunities.

The panel will reflect on the following questions, inter alia:

  • In the context of the compounding crises and multiple transitions, how can governments be supported to ensure that these transitions, including the green and energy transitions, are just and that no one is left behind?
  • What are the current labour market challenges for countries in the Global South?
  • How can systemic barriers that limit people from accessing quality and sustainable work be addressed?
  • What is hampering the private sector to generate more and better jobs?
  • How can we ensure that job opportunities are resilient and adaptable, allowing for sustained progress in poverty eradication?
  • What partnerships are required to ensure jobs can indeed reduce poverty?

Agenda and Speakers

8:30 - 8:45 AM EST: Opening Remarks - Michelle Muschett, UN Assistant Administrator and Regional Director for Latin American and the Caribbean, UNDP

8:35 - 8:40 AM EST: Video on the 2023 International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

8:40 - 9:40 AM EST: Panel Discussion moderated by Michelle Muschett, featuring:

  • Sabina Alkire, Professor of Poverty and Human Development, Director of the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative (OPHI)
  • Gregory Chen, Managing Director BRAC International Ultra-Poor Graduation Initiative
  • Sofía Sprechmann Sineiro, Secretary General of CARE International
  • Jonathan Reichental, former Chief Digital Officer Palo Alto, and CEO, Human Future
  • Ted Chen, Co-founder, CEO & Chief Product Architect at Evercomm Singapore
  • Khulekani Mathe, Deputy CEO Business Unit South Africa

9:40 - 9:45 AM EST: Closing Remarks by Michelle Muschett

Download the full concept note from the attached PDF