UN General Assembly Event - (Dialogue) for Tomorrow

Wednesday, 29 September, 2021 - 08:00
Eastern Standard Time (EST)
Tuesday, 28 September, 2021

UN General Assembly Event - (Dialogue) for Tomorrow 

29 September 2021 08.00 AM Eastern Standard Time | RSVP here

Since "for Tomorrow" launched one year ago, as part of the strategic partnership Hyundai Motor Company-UNDP Accelerator Labs, grassroots innovators have joined and shared solutions to improve life in communities across 43 countries and beyond. Come celebrate this milestone and meet other members of the for Tomorrow community with a special event during this year’s United Nations General Assembly. 

  • This event will feature Benjamin de la Peña, CEO of Shared-Use Mobility Center, and Chair of the Global Partnership for Informal Transportation, Paola Constantino, Head of Solutions Mapping at the UNDP Accelerator Lab in Guatemala and Gina Lucarelli, UNDP Accelerator Labs Team leader. They will explore how informal mobility moves reaches people underserved by public transport and how grassroots innovators are making breakthroughs in green transport.
  • Their dialogue will highlight the ingenuity of local innovators involved in the vibrant world of informal transportation which moves millions, employ hundreds of thousands, and support the sizable informal sector in urban economies. They will share the stories of ojeks, tuktuks, jeepneys, matatus, colectivos who are a core part of urban mobility systems in the rapidly growing metropolitan regions of the Global South and will examine how access to mobility can drive local economies and fight inequality. They’ll also look at how the private sector and policymakers can support the supply chain of these informal innovations to help them thrive.
  • Following their discussion, get a chance to ask your questions to our speakers and meet other members of the for Tomorrow community.