Digital inclusion in Banda Aceh, Indonesia


The Mayor of Banda Aceh City Appreciates UNDP and UNSYIAH for Leveraging Information Technology Inclusion for Vulnerable Communities in Banda Aceh

UNDP is driving digital inclusion in Banda Aceh, Indonesia to benefit over 260,000 citizens applying Leave No One Behind principle. Syiah Kuala University helped the survey of those who live in the most disaster vulnerable areas. Here’s a link for the city website for more details:

Banda Aceh – The Mayor of Banda Aceh City, Mr. Aminullah Usman, conveys his appreciation to UNSYIAH (Syiah Kuala University in Banda Aceh) and UNDP for their commitment to leveraging information technology inclusion for vulnerable communities in Banda Aceh City.

Currently, with support from UNDP, UNSYIAH is implementing a “Digital Inclusion in Banda Aceh as Resilient City” and one of the actions is to socialise the use of internet and smartphone features to the most vulnerable community groups.

It is conveyed when Aminullah receives the Head of International Cooperation Affairs of UNSYIAH, Mr. Muzailin Affan together with team on Thursday, 03 December 2020. On this occasion, the Mayor is accompanied by Mr. Weri (Head of City Development Planning Agency (Bappeda)), and Mr. Said Fauszan (Division Head of Public Relation of City Secretary Office).

Mr. Muzailin of UNSYIAH explained the Digital Inclusion in Banda Aceh as Resilient City program to the Mayor and would like to know further how far the citizens of Banda Aceh are familiar with information technology. The survey involves 250 respondents from 8 sub-districts and 47 villages in Banda Aceh City. The result, the use of information and communication technology is very good. However, there are still some of the respondents have not benefited due to economy condition.

Therefore, with support from UNDP, UNSYIAH will distribute 50 units of smartphone to whom the needs the most. It is expected, the all citizens of Banda Aceh can access to digital services of the City Government of Banda Aceh and this is in line with the national Government plan regarding digital inclusion.

In responding Mr. Muzailin’s explanation, the Mayor is grateful and appreciate UNSYIAH and UNDP and other relevant parties involving in the program implementation. “It helps the communities a lot, particularly in this pandemic situation. The use of information technology has been very important to avoid physical contact”.

Furthermore, Banda Aceh has been assigned by the national Government as one of the pilot locations for 100 smart cities in Indonesia. This support from UNSYIAH and UNDP will help the City government in socialising the digital inclusion to the communities. The communities are one important factor in establishing the vision of Banda Aceh, “Brilliant Banda Aceh in Sharia Framework”, said the Mayor.

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