15 Sep 2020

15 September 2020 - UNDP Bolivia is working to deliver an innovative mobility strategy that rethinks the way public space is shared between pedestrians, motorised and non-motorised vehicles. 

7 Sep 2020

7 September 2020 - In the great urban debate between the co-owner of the Stand Up NY comedy club on New York City's Upper West Side and its greatest stand-up act, the comedian wins the debate hands down. Jerry Seinfeld makes the point: he won't ever leave NYC. And because he won't, we won't.

2 Sep 2020

2 September 2020 - Indian cities are well-positioned to actively pursue initiatives to influence consumption patterns of households and firms, especially in water, energy, transport, and waste. Through procurement process reforms, combined with environmentally friendly policies and regulations, cities can put in practice the principles of reduce, reuse, and recycle to expand urban infrastructure and become more resource secure.