11 Nov 2019 - Coinciding with the SDG summit under the auspice of the UN General Assembly last month, The City of Leeuwarden was making its own commitments to further the Sustainable Development Goals [SDGs] at the local level.

The City of Leeuwarden became an innovating city with the UN Global Compact – Cities Programme in 2014 and has continued its efforts in sustainable development by officially becoming a Global Goals municipality. The announcement was made as part of the national Global Goals Flag day celebrations on 25 September, where over 50 municipalities from across the Netherlands joined Leeuwarden in simultaneously raising awareness for the SDGs.

The event was held at the University of Groningen / Campus Fryslân, who recently entered into a new partnership with the City of Leeuwarden to intensify their efforts on the SDGs called the ‘Living Labs’. The initiative aims to create social innovations that will improve liveability in economically poor neighbourhoods and monitor Leeuwarden’s progress on the SDGs.

The Living Lab is a unique feature of Campus Fryslân’s Global Responsibility & Leadership Programme (one of their many programmes with a focus on the SDGs) and will consist of the municipality working together with academic students to evaluate Leeuwarden’s SDG-related efforts and to develop innovations that will turn SDG commitments into concrete actions. As a part of their assignment, the students will be asked to advise the municipality on how it can improve its contribution to the SDGs.


Image by Frits de Jong from Pixabay.

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UN Global Compact Cities Programme
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UN Global Compact Cities Programme